New look – new user navigation – new training sensation.
The best decision for your success.

The Genius Coach II system offers you an ideal solution for strength analysis and training control using the Genius Eco and Factum novus training devices, also the Frei Cardio Med and other selected cardio devices.

We have equipped over 500 facilities with the Genius Coach since its introduction in 2003, and have acquired a wealth of experience along the way. Over 2009, a mere 10% of these facilities conducted the sum total of around 48,000 initial analyses. Now we have upgraded the Genius Coach.

Streamline the staff deployment in your training space, boost the success of your therapy, recruit new clients and make your work easier!


Besides the entirely reworked cockpit design, the Genius Coach II comes with a few intelligent features to make it your co-trainer in the training space.

2 types of training: With and without the chip egg II.
Your clients can use the devices to train effectively, with or without the chip egg II.
Operated using an anti-glare ITS touch display
New, expansive display with large font and buttons for easy legibility
Intuitive menu navigation, simple operation, short distances.
A demo video visualises the exercises that the person training is then asked to perform. Images explain the necessary device settings.
Streamlined analysis sequence.
The Genius Coach II uses its own memory to store your selected settings. You also use the display to choose the preferred power curve and analyse the results.
Ingenious control system.
At the end of each training session, the device tells you the next devices on which you should train – and can even display an image of the devices on request.


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