Factum Torso rotator

Factum Torso rotator



Our torso rotator is a small marvel: The shoulder area is not fixed in place from above. Exercisers need to find their own stable posture. Senior citizens find this
a particularly welcome feature. Nobody feels trapped inside the device. Moreover, the smoothly adjustable pelvis supports, combined with the moving lumbar pad, make sure that the hips are held firmly in place. With entirely concentric/concentric exercise pattern


Combined device with separately adjustable hydraulic resistance for both movement directions, operated by touch screen
The resistance and seat height are set automatically when training with the FREI chip egg in combination with the ATP analysis and training software (optional)
Safe training: The person training is not left carrying any weight if the exercise is aborted at any point.
Maximum power measurement
Adjustment to suit the personal torque curve
Movement restriction to determine the radius of movement
Bio-feedback for streamlined training

Patented design.


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