Factum Novus II

Factum Novus II



Compact combination devices
Elegant equipment design
Convenient touch screen operation
Computer-assisted training to save time
Extra-quiet hydraulic resistance system
Bio-feedback for streamlined training
Maximum power measurement (service can be billed to statutory health insurance schemes)
Areas of application

The versatile training equipment is suitable for use in all areas: sport, fitness, medical fitness, rehabilitation, therapy and prevention.

Convenient touch screen operation

The large and clearly structured touch screen is used to set the ideal resistance and seat height. The symbols are self-explanatory; a simple touch and training can begin.

Correct training guaranteed: The device doesn’t let anyone cheat. Only the correct movements are counted. A running bar shows the ideal training speed; the person training adjusts his or her movements accordingly and therefore sticks to an even rhythm from the first movement to the last.

Settings and training itself are extremely easy to manage – this cuts back on costs, saves time and is particularly important in group prevention therapy or circuit training.

Computer-assisted training with the chip egg

The system automatically finds the right resistance settings and seat height during computer-assisted training with the chip egg. Simply insert the chip egg, the device adjusts the settings automatically, and training can begin.

The intuitive ATP software handles the entire training management and analysis. Preparation of training plans, maximum power measurement, analysis of relative power and documentation are dealt with quickly and safely by PC. The therapist can invest his or her entire time in providing patients with precisely the care they need.

Well thought-out: You use one training system to control three components in your practice! Use the chip egg and the ATP software to pair the FACTUM novus II devices quickly and easily with the GENIUS·ECO devices and the FREI cardio devices. They can also be managed together.

Combination devices

The agonist and antagonist are trained simultaneously in just one exercise on a single device. This does not require any device adjustments; it all takes place in just one fluid movement. The effective way to train. Here you save space, time and energy. Important: Naturally, the resistance values for the respective training direction, for instance abdominal or back exercises, can be adjusted separately. This allows the person training to achieve ideal muscular balance.

Safe training

Our modern hydraulic resistance system does entirely without weight plates.
The pattern of training is concentric/concentric; the movement can be aborted at any position, and the person training is not left carrying the weight. This is ideal for pain patients, older people and overweight exercisers.

A compact miracle

Buy 9 – receive 16! The 9 FACTUM novus II equipment offers you the performance and therapy options otherwise found only in 16 different training devices. And their compact form means they fit snug in any practice. A rare find!

Circuit training

The fun way to exercise! People training feel well looked-after when they’re in a group, perfectly cared-for in therapeutically valuable circuit training. Efficient use of staff, coupled with made-to-measure services for your clients, and courses subsidised by health insurers: You can only win this way!


Training with the FACTUM novus II devices is impressively quiet. A peaceful ambience pervades the training rooms, without hectic or annoying noise. All movements are harmonious, smooth and balanced. Here, your clients do not feel stressed, and enjoy their training as a relaxing experience.

Medical products

Safe training is essential when it comes to the well-being of your patients and clients. This is why FREI AG maintains a quality management system according to DIN EN 13485. The highest standards of manufacturing quality made in Germany guarantee that you will be satisfied.

Patented design.


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