Factum Leg press

Factum Leg press



This exercise pattern creates an entirely new training sensation when extending and bending the legs. The person training presses away from the foot plate and then draws back in. Meanwhile, an ingenious stirrup system holds the feet firmly in place.

This device simultaneously trains the agonist and antagonist are trained in just one exercise! This does not require any device adjustments; it all takes place in just one fluid movement. The effective way to train.

Here you save space, time and energy. Important: The resistance values for the respective training directions can be adjusted separately. This allows the person training to achieve ideal muscular balance.


Combined device with separately adjustable hydraulic resistance for both movement directions, operated by touch screen
The resistance is set automatically when training with the FREI chip egg in combination with the ATP analysis and training software (optional)
Safe training: The person training is not left carrying any weight if the exercise is aborted at any point.
Maximum power measurement
Bio-feedback for streamlined training
Ideal access thanks to the slender slide unit, handle on the crank unit and the articulated Genius Coach arm.

Patented design.


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