Factum Knee flexor and extender

Factum Knee flexor and extender



The knee flexor/extender looks after the fine tuning. The concentric resistance system permits even tiny weight gradations. The foot rest stirrup also allows training in a closed chain to treat certain indications. Also, the hand crank to adjust the length of the training arm is extremely convenient and easy to operate without any effort. With entirely concentric/concentric exercise pattern


Combined device with separately adjustable hydraulic resistance for both movement directions, operated by touch screen
The resistance and seat rest are set automatically when training with the FREI chip egg in combination with the ATP analysis and training software (optional)
Safe training: The person training is not left carrying any weight if the exercise is aborted at any point.
Training form: concentric
Maximum power measurement
Foot rest stirrup for training in the closed chain (patent protected)
Adjustment to suit the personal torque curve
Movement restriction to determine the radius of movement
Bio-feedback for streamlined training

Patented design.


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