Factum Abdominal and back trainer

Factum Abdominal and back trainer



The balance of power is trained in a style that is particularly easy on the spinal column when using the abdominal/back trainer. The vertebrae are not compressed at all. The pivot-mounted training arm smoothly follows the movements with no pressure whatsoever. Here, the ergonomic, trapezoid lumbar padding ensures perfect support in the lower back area. With entirely concentric/concentric exercise pattern


Combined device with separately adjustable hydraulic resistance for both movement directions, operated by touch screen
The resistance and seat height are set automatically when training with the FREI chip egg in combination with the ATP analysis and training software (optional)
Safe training: The person training is not left carrying any weight if the exercise is aborted at any point.
Maximum power measurement
The linear slide on ball bearings adjusts the position of the shoulder pad: no compression on the spinal column when bending
Bio-feedback for streamlined training

Patented design.


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