This entirely innovative device combines the familiar, positive training effects of a trampoline with frequency control, gentle vibration and a secure hold.

Aktiv Tramp permits functional training with natural movement patterns: for extremely intense training without impact shock on joints, the spine or internal organs.

What is the Aktiv Tramp?
A motor (actuator) transmits controllable vibration to the trampoline. The trampoline swings up and down, simply transporting the user. The time and frequency can be adjusted individually. Training is fun, communicating joy and the lightness of being!

What are the effects of Aktiv Tramp?

The Aktiv Tramp offers a unique training option: a combination of training intra and intermuscular coordination, together with an improvement in interoperability and rhythmisation skills in a form that is gentle on the joints and low in stress!
It improves motor skills, balance and proprioceptive skills
It increases leg strength
It stimulates the metabolism, digestion, lymph system and cardiovascular system
It supports osteoporosis prevention


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