FREI STAIR 4000 med

FREI STAIR 4000 med

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The FREI STAIR 40000 med simulates the everyday effort of ‘climbing stairs’. This puts intense strain on the upper thigh and gluteal muscles. The FREI STAIR 4000 med is not pedal-dependent, and therefore permits variable step heights and frequencies, while also training coordinative capacities. The integrated auto-weighting-system measures bodyweight during each training session in order to calculate correct wattage and calorie data. The large pedals are easy on the feet and ensure a pleasant training experience.

Feature details

Medical product
4 keys – neatly arranged cockpit display
Quick start and quick stop keys; no more than 2 keys pressed to start or finish training
Uniform menu control
Display in watts, pulse, time, distance, revolutions/min, calories
Extremely stable, carries up to 200 kg
Including polar transmitter set for pulse-controlled training
Technical details

Training programs: manual, cardio, countdown, 5 pre-set profiles
Speed range: 15 – 155 steps/min
Power range: 15 – 155 load steps
Step stages: groups of 5 steps
Eddy current brake
Interface RS 232
Size (L x W x H) = 110 x 77 x 181 cm.
Weight: approx. 110 kg
Colour: silver/black


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