FREI CYCLE 4000 med

FREI CYCLE 4000 med

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Ergo-bikes are the classics in the field of cardio devices. The frame on the FREI CYCLE 4000 med was developed according to ergonomic principles to ensure an ideal sitting position and easy access. Ergo-bikes have a special role in treatment involving medical aspects, as they require integration in a large number of systems. The optionally available, length-adjustable crank is an important extra in orthopaedic treatment.

Feature details

Medical product
4-key cockpit with a neatly arranged display
Quick start and quick stop keys; no more than 2 keys pressed to start or finish training
Uniform menu control
Display in watts, pulse, time, distance, revolutions/min, calories
Test programs Conconi, step test
Gear shift
Low access
Horizontal and vertical saddle adjustment
Extremely stable, carries up to 180 kg
Including polar transmitter set for pulse-controlled training
Technical details

Training programs: manual, cardio, countdown, gear selection, 5 pre-set profiles
Speed-independent + speed dependent
Speed range: 20 – 120 rpm
Power range: 15 – 600 watts
Incremental steps: 5 W
Accuracy: 5% up to 200W; 10% beyond 200W
Eddy current brake
Interface RS 232
Size (LxWxH) = 118 x 54 x 145 cm.
Weight: approx. 58 kg
Colour: silver/black
Upgrade available with the FREI chip egg ll connection module.
Use our ATP CARDIO•COACH software for test and training control, also for documentation


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