AMEDTEC CardioPart 12 USB

AMEDTEC CardioPart 12 USB


As wired counterpart of the CardioPart 12 Blue, the CardioPart 12 USB perfectly fits environments where wireless solutions are not possible or desired.The Plug and Play device is just plugged into one of the workstation’s USB ports and is ready to acquire ECG.As like as for the Bluetooth device, the new P series is also available for the USB ECG.
Technical Data
Dynamic range +/- 316 mV DC
Sample rate 8000 Hz [125 μs] for each of the 10 electrode channels
Resolution 1 μV/LSB [0,01 mm]
Frequency range 0 – 150 Hz
Pacemaker detection Digital monitoring of all electrodes
Input impedance > 50 MOhm
Electrodes check Frequency analysis and impedance measurement
Input protection Against defibrillator shock1) and HF from surgery devices
Patient cable connection 15-Pin D-Sub for 10-lead patient cable
Applied part Type CF
PC interface USB 2.0 (5 metres USB cable)
Power supply By the USB port of the PC
R wave trigger output Via LPT port of the PC
Size 95 mm x 64 mm x 28 mm
Weight 90 g
Standards DIN EN 60601-1; DIN EN 60601-2; DIN EN 606


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