AMEDTEC CardioPart 12 Blue

AMEDTEC CardioPart 12 Blue


The wireless, only 11 x 7cm (4.4 x 2.8″) small CardioPart 12 Blue makes up the basis of the AMEDTEC 12-lead stress test and resting ECG systems.The device samples the ECG at 8000Hz on each channel. Via Bluetooth®, the digitized data is then transmitted to the workstation.Intended for GP’s, the new P series provides a particularly attractive cost-performance ratio.
Technical Data
Dynamic range +/- 316 mV DC
Sample rate 8000 Hz [125 μs] for each of the 10 electrode channels
Resolution 1 μV/LSB [0.01 mm]
Frequency range 0 – 150 Hz
Pacemaker detection Digital monitoring of all electrodes
Input impedance > 50 MOhm
Electrodes check Frequency analysis and impedance measurement
Input protection Against defibrillator shock1) and HF from surgery devices
Patient cable connection 15-Pin D-Sub for 10-lead patient cable
Applied part Type CF
PC interface Bluetooth 2.0 class 1 or class 2
Power supply 2 Mignon AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries
R wave trigger output Via separate radio transmitter
Size 110 mm x 64 mm x 28 mm
Weight 160 g
Standards DIN EN 60601-1; DIN EN 60601-2; DIN EN 60601-2-25;
DIN EN 60601-2-51; ANSI/AAMI EC 11


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