The AMEDTEC ECGpro® Holter system provides you with a fast and precise Holter ECG analysis in 3 or even 12 channels, depending on the recorder.
The new, lightweight digital recorder EP820 with its only 42 grams (about 1.5 oz) allows for up to 7 days of ECG recording. The real-time ECG can be watched at any time via it’s display.

Flexible, individual workflowThe AMEDTEC ECGpro Holter system is the intelligent tool in a physician‘s hands for clarifying cardiacarrhythmia and risks. Depending on the task, the system‘s workflow is either adapted to the requirements of the analysis, or to the individual procedures of the operator.Visually checked in 60 seconds; printed in just 4 minutes The ECG can be checked already during it is read in. This takes less than 60 seconds for the 24-hour ECG. In case of an ECG free of artifacts, a report with a manually or automatically generated conclusion can already be created at this time. The important ECG strips, graphs and tables are logically put together in the report and comply with highest standards. In less than 4 minutes, the 24-hour ECG is analysed, diagnosed, and printed or stored in the HIS/practice network!

Precise and clear presentation AMEDTEC ECGpro Holter makes no compromises in the presentation of the ECG curves. From every graph and table you have direct access to the synchronous ECG. The whole ECG is shown in the typical speeds up to 50mm/s. Ventricular and supraventricular events as well as paced beats are color-highlighted.Easy editing; reanalysis without time nee

AMEDTEC ECGpro Holter offers you logical and easy editing possibilities. Detected beat types can be checked and reclassified quickly in theTemplate
views and the hourly results table. The ECG is reanalysed, and all tables and graphs are updated instantaneously

High-quality representation of recognized predictive parameters like HFV and QT The heart rate variability is represented tabular with all of its important parameters (SDNN, SDNN index, SDANN index, rMSSD, pNN50) and graphically in the RR trend and the Lorentz plot. You get a clear information about the caridac spontaneous variance.The graphical day/night camparison makes the prediction easier.Furthermore, you get beat-to-beat information about the QT time as another risk marker. QT, Qtc, QT moda, SDQT, as well as 24-hour graphs aid you in your analysis. Particularly informative is the QT-overRR view. High-grade ischemia analysis AMEDTEC ECGpro Holter automatically detects ST events. The quality of the ST analysis is equivalent to that of a resting or stress test ECG.

Fast and precise diagnostics of intermittent atrial arrhythmia The interaction between Lorentz plot and chronological synchronous, classified ECG forms an outstanding instrument for arrhythmia diagnostics, especially for intermittent atrial arrhythmia. Intelligent pacemaker analysis Pacer spikes are marked in the ECG. This supports your visual analysis particularly in case of bipolar pacemakers. Meaningful graphs complete the pacemaker analysis. A wide selection of various ECG reports, trends,and graphs is available. The user has the flexibility to generate whatever documents are required.


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