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The AMEDTEC ECGpro® data management

The data of all the AMEDTEC function diagnosis modules converge in the central data management system AMEDTEC ECGpro®.
The data management system itself is designed to be integrated with the hospital information system (HIS), a RIS, or the practice software via HL7/DICOM or BDT/GDT, respectively.
Stores and manages recordings, reports and patient data
Allows for the network wide access to all recordings and patient data
synchronizes with the patient data from the hospital information systems (HIS) and practice software
Looks up case and patient IDs in the HIS
Uses HIS order entries to build worklists
Sends reports back to the HIS or practice software
Exports recordings in various formats, i.e. PDF, SCP and others
Imports ECG data from cardiographs and other acquisition devcies
In network environments, the database is installed centrally on the server. All the clients read their information from that database to make, view and edit recordings and patient data. As an option, the clients can be equipped with own local backup databases which synchronize automatically with the server’s main database. Thereby, clients can also work in situations where the network is not available all the time. This brings the following advantages:
Work can go on even if the network is down.
In WLAN configurations, ECG acquisitions can also be done outside the WLAN range. This, together with the CardioPart 12 Blue, you have a completely wireless workstation which can be used even if outside the WLAN range.
Mobile workstations like laptops can be unplugged from the network, and you can work with the data independently from the network availability, e.g. at home. As soon as the laptop is connected to the network again, the results of your work are transmitted into the central database.
Enter and Search for Patient Data
The data management provides you with various ways to enter patient data. E.g. via
of course the keyboard
card or barcode readers
GDT interface from the practice software
HL7 ADT messages from the HIS, or
HL7 search queries.
The integrated workflow directs the right data at the right time to the right place. Order entries are taken over from the HIS, and are used to create worklists, which in turn are displayed at the corresponding workstations.
Observation Results
The HIS is configurably provided with observation results via HL7 ORU massages. PDF’s and documents of other formats can come along with those text messages.
External Control via GDT
Other systems can launch and control AMEDTEC ECGpro® using the GDT interface. Tests can be started, and already stored recordings can be opened directly to view or edit them.
The AMEDTEC ECGpro® user management protects your data against unauthorized access. It provides ways for valid users to log into the system with their password, as well as via a secure login without the need for a password (aka “integrated security”).
Importing Other ECG Data
If those devices support the data transfer, AMEDTEC ECGpro® will also store and manage recordings that origin from other acquisition devices, such as cardiographs or monitoring systems.
A fix, built-in part of our system is the interface to Fukuda Denshi cardiographs.


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